Thursday, 22 April 2010


I like that look of suffocation
I might keep it
Until i am beauty layer of polythene
Wipe clean
User friendly prom queen

A vision of wants
And never will be
All that's good
A product of air tight
Fake - that's you and me
But what of it?
We equal pretty

Wrap my head
Paint myself clean
I'm heading mainstream
Wrapped in shiny tight polythene
A vision of wants
And never will be

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

This long gone Grandma

Vibrant blinding hues
illuminating memories
blazing pride

Sounds ring out
the rag and bone mens cry
unheard over time
meerly consequential
never regretable
never forgetable

The perennial flower cycle
more faith and truth
in each decaying drop
March on
rise again from each fall

Tides wash in new days
Strength and forgivness
the soft foam lapping toes
all their weathers witnessed

All until stagnent, still
stolen steps
stolen breaths
this to be the last tune hummed

No more petals watch
seasons into one
before sadness settles in
histories muck and mire

Waltz into the night
this beauty song sung
the story kept unravelled
the light carried on