Thursday, 8 July 2010

A wise old fox

I have watched the heavy walls encroach
The land that once was free
Now owned
Fenced and gated
Welcome, an outdated concept.

A refugee made of the wild
We must now hide
Pride fogged
Once graceful, cunning
Reduced to rubbish bag cowardice

'Survival of the fittest'
Over used by the weak
Strength only in guns
Starved jaws of our cousins
and media propaganda
Wiping hands from afar

I go running in the night
Echos reverberate
The dark so embracive
How I long for human accountability
Freeing the innocent from shame

Shame for living
In a land we once roamed
The Monarchy of OUR countryside
As mother earth intended
Before Man crowned themselves

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My Cat

Velveteen black
Worn with pride
Sleek, graceful
Lion like stride

Snow tipped mountain paws
Cushiony love lorn
Set to fool
Hiding deathly claws

Eyes poetic sea green
Look deep
Treasures lure
Pearls like never seen before

Stretching nose to tail
Ostentatious yawn
All passing take care
Ear's twitching
Even sleeping he is aware

Despite the danger persona
Quite mews part lips
Whiskers tickle
And tongue catches tears
When needed

Monday, 5 July 2010

A sickie

I wander the winding streets and hills
The longest route
Every second of the estuary breeze
A moment to adore

Destination platform
What a bore
I peer over the wall
To see canines galloping
Mouths agape
Tongues flapping
Seagulls tread cautiously back
If you listen hard
Water trickles in to the newly vacated mud flats

My Train pulls in
The 8:08
I let it pass
Like a school girl ditchin' class
I check to see who's watching

Oh but that pebbled shore too much to ignore
Paled brown strangely reassuring
I find myself at the tides edge
Waves ebb in licking my feet
Another train another deadline, dead
Time now distant
In awe of the comfort this scene can give

The sound of laughter fills the salty air
A family of smiles sets out blankets
Ice cold flasks
Their little mongrel chasing seagulls
Off they fly and caw in knowing the silence wouldn't last

The sun grows hotter
Deep breaths circling the pleasure
in the banality
Why would anyone want more than this?

I reluctantly rise
Knowing I am less surrounded in dreams
more... responsibility
But the little mongrel licks my hand
And it is confirmed
Today, this is the place I should be