Friday, 28 May 2010

The naphthalene days are over

Her bones become the earth
Heady, musky aroma
Pulling memory strings

The naphthalene days
Fighting off the little enemies
That we now embrace
Golden fragile wings
Give reason to our plight

Our hearts grow melancholy
Winding trees envelope the truth
I'd give my heart to them
If only they could provide the proof

Is there light beyond the dark
Eternal morning bliss
Sipping from saucered cup
Scrambled eggs
The little things more than blessed

Free to again feel pleasure
Released from the pain
Barefoot caress
Eyes like new born open
And the power to regain

Her bones become the earth
Nurture woodland floor
Tears and prayers to nourish
Let her spirit walk once more

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


I scored my life
Maps on each arm
Every line
a history of wrongs
Roads of un-trust
And paths of love lost

One ply transparency
All now that separates
Words support the rafters
But words are cheap
And forgettable

Reaching for answers
Imposing, pointed questions
Threaten to break through
Find their way
to years of hidden truths

Shame tries to close the book
But the ink is still wet
And if a diary was left open
do you have the right to read it?